Using Long Weekends to Your Advantage

Using Long Weekends to Your Advantage

A long weekend is a great chance to recharge your batteries, but only if you apply the right strategies for success. When we take a brief vacation from the Focus Marketing Events office, we use the following techniques to make sure we return to work ready to tackle new challenges:

• Unplug at Least Part of the Time: For a few hours each day away from work, we unplug from all our tech devices. This is an ideal strategy for truly restoring our energies and clearing our minds. We get better sleep and find it easier to come up with great ideas upon our return to the office.

• Exercise: We make time for physical activity during Focus Marketing Events long weekends, knowing that keeping up with our healthy routines makes time away from work more rewarding. Our goal is to come back to demanding projects with refreshed minds and bodies, so keeping up with our exercise habits is essential.

• Prepare to Get Away: Tying up loose ends around the office is a vital step toward a relaxing holiday weekend. Along with completing any urgent tasks, we also get things organized around our desks before going away for a few days. Coming back to a neat workspace makes every productive getaway even more rewarding.

We keep these concepts in mind every time we have a long weekend heading our way. Like Focus Marketing Events on Facebook if you’d like to share some of your favorite tips for productive holidays.