Truly Motivate Teams With Focus Marketing Events, Inc.

As our leaders at Focus Marketing Events know, it’s easy to find yourself slipping into the mode of classic motivation techniques to push your team to success. What you might not know is that some of those old standbys actually have the opposite effect.

Remaining inspired is crucial for any team, which is why our executives at Focus Marketing Events are excited to share with you some lesser-known techniques for energizing your associates. Though they might seem counterintuitive at first, using them will bring you great results.

  • Say “No” to Contests: It’s a tempting idea to offer your people a paid vacation or other prize in exchange for meeting deadlines or completing projects. While this might provide an uptick in engagement in the short term, in the long term it only serves to foster a competitive attitude and put team members in the position of working for rewards they can’t control. Instead, make sure your work assignments are in alignment with the values that matter to your team.
  • Avoid Overdoing Praise: As our leaders at Focus Marketing Events have learned, heaping too much praise on people causes them to seek your personal approval instead of honing their own sense of whether work meets the right requirements. Consider offering them honest feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of the work instead.
  • Stop Micromanaging: Putting in wide-ranging measures to keep people accountable often backfires, because it sends the message that they’re not competent enough to hold themselves to high standards. Give your team their autonomy and watch them flourish.

Instead of relying on tired methods for motivating your team members, focus on their abilities to keep themselves performing at a high level. You’ll love the results.