Tips for Perfecting Your Interview A-Game

Tips for Perfecting Your Interview A-Game

Focus Marketing Events hiring managers look for a few key things when they interview potential additions to our team. Mostly, they’re looking for people who can promote their unique talents and how well they fit into our culture. Here are a few key practices that allow interviewees to make strong impressions on would-be employers.

One thing candidates must do is share how they’ve learned during their previous jobs. During Focus Marketing Events interviews, we want to know that potential hires have enough self-awareness to understand what aided their development. This is true for rewarding successes and any setbacks they may have encountered.

When it comes to key achievements, we want to hear as many specifics as possible. If an interviewee can explain the impact of what he or she accomplished with facts and figures, we’re more impressed with that person. This shows that a candidate is invested not only in his or her own victories, but how they affect entire companies.

We also try to get a good sense of each candidate’s personality to find the best cultural fits. That’s why we ask about personal passions and hobbies early in the discussion. Interviewees need to be prepared to share a few interesting anecdotes that fit with a potential employer’s cultural identity.

These are a few reliable ways for jobseekers to make strong impressions on hiring managers. Follow Focus Marketing Events on Twitter to receive more of our best interview tips.