Techniques for Gaining Full Advantage of Mentorship

Techniques for Gaining Full Advantage of Mentorship

Mentoring is a central aspect of our Focus Marketing Events team training system. Whenever a new team member joins us, we pair him or her with a veteran manager. This relationship is targeted at sharing the wealth of experience and insight our top performers have to offer. Every professional should have a mentor. Here are a few techniques for getting as much from the experience as possible:

• Finding the Right Person: If you are not in a situation like the one at Focus Marketing Events, and must find your own mentor, it is important to find the right fit. Ideally, the individual should be open, friendly, and ready to help. He or she should also have experience that would be beneficial to your career and/or company.

• Making It Work: Typically, mentorship relationships start relatively informally. Much like starting a personal relationship, chatting over coffee can be an excellent way to get things started. Get a feel for each other and see if the fit is right. Once things start to solidify, be clear about what you are looking for and confirm that the arrangement will work for both parties.

• Network: It is okay to play the field a little until you find the best fit. Leverage your personal and professional relationships to locate someone who both has valuable insight to offer and is willing to help.

Follow these techniques to make the most of mentorship. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Linkedin