Team Events Help Us Maintain a Strong Culture

Team Events Help Us Maintain a Strong Culture

Having a healthy work environment is one thing that’s helped us maintain Focus Marketing Events’ growth. We’ve found that building strong relationships outside the office helps our team members collaborate more skillfully on key projects. Brian, our firm’s President, stated, “When our people forge tighter connections away from work, they use those positive feelings to motivate each other on the job.”

We’ve enjoyed all kinds of team outings, from board game nights in the office to kickball. Bowling is another of our favorite pastimes, with Focus Marketing Events bragging rights up for grabs every time we hit the lanes. We also go to Top Golf from time to time in order to fire up our competitive sides.

Brian values the success-boosting benefits of team outings. He commented, “When our team members get together to have fun, they learn more about each other as people. Knowing more about unique traits and talents makes for a more harmonious atmosphere.”

The supportive culture we’ve built makes our company a more attractive destination for talented candidates. “We’re also better equipped to retain our top performers due to our work environment,” Brian added. “Our team members never have to wonder if we appreciate their efforts, because there’s always a rewarding incentive to be earned.”

We’re busy planning our next memorable team gathering. Check out the Focus Marketing Events Newswire to stay updated on our culture-building efforts.