Simple and Effective Networking Strategies

Simple and Effective Networking Strategies

Through our many Focus Marketing Events networking exploits, we’ve found that the most effective connecting methods tend to be the simplest ones. Here are a few of our favorite techniques for expanding our contact lists:

• Staying Positive: Not only do we go into big industry events with positive outlooks, we strive to use uplifting language as we explain the unique value we can offer as members of Team Focus Marketing Events. Our nonverbal cues use the same approach, including open postures and warm smiles to welcome new contacts.

• Following Up: There’s no excuse for not reaching out to a new connection within a day or two of an initial meeting. We take notes right after every interaction so we have some personal elements in our follow-up messages. This ensures that people remember us in a positive light, which sets the stage for a productive bond.

• Listening More Than We Speak: It’s also important to listen as much as possible to what new contacts have to say. We ask open-ended questions to keep people talking, finding common ground in the process. The more we allow potential allies to talk about their own careers, the more likely they are to have interest in rewarding connections.

We apply these simple strategies every time we set out to build our networks. Find more of our best connecting advice by following Focus Marketing Events on Twitter.