Do This to Own the Room Next Presentation

Do This to Own the Room Next Presentation

Focus Marketing Events is a leader in on-site promotions. This means we do multiple presentations to promote new products and increase brand visibility. Our goal is to engage people and encourage them to act. Here are some of the practices we can apply to be the center of attention in any situation:

” Put Everyone at Ease: Capturing audience attention means making sure everyone is comfortable, including the speaker. This is where a great ice breaker comes into play. We can try opening with a funny story or an anecdote to which others can relate. Once we get them interested, it’s easier to present supporting details.

” Talk With Them, Not at Them: Anyone who has ever sat through a monologue knows how easy it is to lose attention. In our Focus Marketing Events training, we encourage our people to gain audience participation by engaging them in the conversation. This could include asking questions, inviting people to try products, or even interjecting a group activity.

” Value Time: In our Focus Marketing Events office, we put a premium on time. This applies to presentations as well. If a speaking engagement is set for 30 minutes, we should stick to that time frame. By being punctual with the time we start and end, we demonstrate to others that we appreciate their time.

We encourage our people to continually sharpen their public speaking skills. Like us on Facebook to see what practices we share.