PRESS RELEASE: Focus Marketing Events Sends Top Producers to California

PRESS RELEASE: Focus Marketing Events Sends Top Producers to California

TAMPA, FL – Focus Marketing Events associates are currently competing for the chance to spend time in Newport Beach, California for a national conference. The firm’s President discussed the importance of travel to professional development.

“Travel is a vital part of our operations,” explained Brian, President of Focus Marketing Events. “Some months will find us cross-training at a regional seminar, while others might find us on an exotic island for a rest and relaxation retreat. Whatever the occasion, trips allow me to show my appreciation to those team members who embrace the company mission and values while encouraging growth and professional development.”

This summer presents an exciting travel opportunity for two of the firm’s top performers. Qualifying associates will spend three days in Newport Beach, California, enjoying some well-earned downtime while learning from some of the biggest names in interactive marketing.

“This exclusive event is only for the two teammates that have shown dedication, strong leadership skills, and unshakeable positive attitudes,” Brian stated. “The Focus Marketing Events team thrives on friendly competition, especially when the reward includes relaxing on a sunny beach!”

Focus Marketing Events Business Trips Inspire Professional Growth
Brian also shared that the Newport Beach conference provided an important opportunity for executives to practice their networking skills while learning how to grow as professionals. He and other members of the Focus Marketing Events organization enjoy every chance to network with other high achievers in the industry, knowing that it leads to sharper skills and business opportunities down the road.

“Our company puts a lot of emphasis on networking. We make it a point to assist each of our associates in nurturing his or her network as part of our comprehensive training program,” Brian asserted. “Then we get our team members out into the world so they can connect with like-minded professionals using the strategies we taught them back at the office. We hone people skills and share the knowledge needed for our people to rise to whatever career level they choose.”

There are other benefits to conference attendance besides networking. On the relaxing side, associates get to explore the sights and culture of a new city, which is a great way to re-energize. Also, they take time to try new leisure activities, which often leads to the formation of a new habit or hobby.

“What I really enjoy most about any kind of travel are the stories though,” Brian stated. “Life’s all about experiences, both having them and sharing them with others. I’m glad to be able to share these trips with my team while also growing and developing as a person and professional as well.”

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