PRESS RELEASE: Focus Marketing Events Offers Exciting, Rewarding Careers

PRESS RELEASE: Focus Marketing Events Offers Exciting, Rewarding Careers

TAMPA, FL – The President of Focus Marketing Events discussed the firm’s growth goals for 2019 and the upcoming hiring push. He also outlined a few specific coaching strategies that help the firm’s brand managers achieve lasting success.

There will be many opportunities for business-minded people to pursue rewarding careers with Focus Marketing Events in 2019. Brian, the firm’s President, explained that with ambitious expansion goals for the coming year, there is an urgent need for new talent. He stated that those who are determined to succeed, have growth mind-sets, and bring high levels of motivation will feel right at home in the Focus Marketing Events office.

Brian also explained that the firm’s hiring managers will be looking for candidates who project confidence in a variety of ways. The perfect fits for Focus Marketing Events won’t just stand out through what they say; they’ll also impress with their body language. Candidates who can own the room by making steady eye contact and emphasizing points with hand gestures are likely to make lasting positive impressions.

New additions to Team Focus Marketing Events are equipped for success through in-depth training complete with insights from seasoned in-house coaches. This uniquely helpful brand of mentorship allows incoming brand managers to gain confidence and learn all about the firm’s operations on an accelerated timeline. As they refine their unique abilities, team members become mentors to new hires.

Focus Marketing Events’ President Highlights Leadership Training Strategies

A few key strategies define the Focus Marketing Events leadership development program. One of the most important things team members learn as they become leaders is how to build their networks. This typically starts small, with incoming brand managers connecting with their coworkers through company events. From there, the firm’s many travel incentives begin to clarify the big picture of what it means to be well connected. When they return to the home office after a big conference or retreat, the firm’s brand managers have powerful insights and new sources of advice to leverage.

Pushing beyond their current skill sets is also something members of Team Focus Marketing Events are encouraged to do from their first days on the job. This is an essential element when it comes to refining leadership skills. As they learn to take on more responsibilities, emerging frontrunners within the company also get a feel for inspiring others to do the same. This is also a key way for developing managers to lead by example.

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