Preparing for 2018 by Fueling Team Development

Preparing for 2018 by Fueling Team Development

During the past year, the Focus Marketing Events team achieved a great deal. As we get ready for 2018, we are planning to reach for even higher levels of success. So, we are investing into further developing our team. By prioritizing our people, we are ensuring the continued growth of our firm next year and into the future.

Our company will be taking a new direction in 2018. This will start with three people − Rodrick, Seyf, and Julie − promoted to leadership roles. These individuals will help guide our people as we launch new campaigns.

Next year, we are aiming to double the events we have been doing and start working with more companies. This growth will open up exciting opportunities, so we will also be hiring more people in the new year. 2018 is going to be a great year for Focus Marketing Events.

Beyond planning for growth, we are also investing into the development of our existing team members. For example, we select individuals to be highlighted each month for their outstanding performances. These people are our top performers and are recognized for their hard work.

Additionally, we endeavor to offer appropriate challenges to all our team members. We want them to consistently be slightly outside their comfort zones. They will always have the support of our veteran managers but also will be pushing for greater success.

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