Guidelines for Highly Persuasive Presentations

Guidelines for Highly Persuasive Presentations

Our Focus Marketing Events promotional specialists spend a lot of time speaking persuasively. We train all our team members on the art of making great presentations. It is a skill from which almost every professional can benefit. While mastering public speaking takes time and practice, there are a few key guidelines that can quickly improve anyone’s abilities:

• Use the Rule of Threes: Your big idea should be backed up with evidence and/or examples. In nearly all situations, three is the ideal number of elements. One or two examples would be too few, however five or more would be too many. In communication, following the rule of threes is a good idea.

• Have Explicit Transitions: Following a presentation can be difficult sometimes for the audience. To overcome this, our Focus Marketing Events team members frequently include meta-content. Think of this as stage directions. Summaries and explicit transitions help the audience keep track of the talk.

• Focus on the Audience: Use language that includes the audience. Don’t talk about why the content is important to you, explain why it is valuable for them. Pronouns like, “We,” and “You,” rather than, “I,” can be very impactful. This will make you more approachable and make the presentation more interesting for the listeners.

These guidelines will fuel your public speaking success. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Linkedin