Fueling Our Team’s Success With New Personnel

Fueling Our Team’s Success With New Personnel

We are getting ready to continue growing Focus Marketing Events in 2018. The start of a new year means new opportunities for expansion and success. So, we are working to ensure that we start the year off strong. A major element of this will be hiring new team members to help support our goals.

Brian, our company President, says, “We want our team to start off strong first thing in 2018, which means we are looking for sharp people right now. We are so excited to get new people, and hopefully double the size of our team. We want to be able to take on more brands, do more events, and maximize our exposure for our partners at the end of the quarter – which requires us to expand our team.”

Hiring is always exciting because it is a chance to meet new people and it represents the continued growth of Focus Marketing Events. Demand for our on-site sales promotions has climbed throughout our history. This has necessitated this team expansion so that we can meet all the needs of the companies we represent.

Another exciting aspect of this hiring push is that it will enable us to realize some of our major objectives for the coming year. Goal setting is an essential element of fostering an empowered team of professionals. So, the possibility of both meeting our personnel expansion goals and to have the people necessary to reach other aspirations has everyone in our office buzzing.

We are looking forward to meeting the applicants who come with this recruitment effort. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Linkedin