Focus Marketing Events on a Tech Company Giving Back

Focus Marketing Events on a Tech Company Giving Back

Giving back to the community has become an important part of who we are at Focus Marketing Events. We are always excited to see other organizations getting into the same philanthropic culture. There are many great companies, such as TOMS, LSTN, and Love 41, that are famous for giving. Less known, however, is the technology giant Qualcomm.


This behemoth business has made a huge name for itself by making technologies for wireless devices. Of course, most users are not familiar with the components of their phones, tablets, and other devices. That’s why Qualcomm is an entity unknown to many. Perhaps it is time more people knew about the firm, especially because of its community focus.


Out team at Focus Marketing Events was really impressed to learn that Qualcomm has invested in over 100 programs to bring wireless technology to underserved countries. These efforts have impacted nearly 10 million beneficiaries over the past decade.


These efforts go beyond access; one program focused on mobile ultrasounds to reduce maternal mortality in Morocco. It is this kind of work that really impacts people’s lives. That is why we are so amazed by how Qualcomm has given back in the wake of its success.


It is always inspiring to see a successful business do the right thing. We at Focus Marketing Events believe Qualcomm has set a great example for future tech leaders to follow. We hope to see even more firms taking on such important work.