Focus Marketing Events on Sending Positive Emails

Focus Marketing Events on Sending Positive Emails

Everyone at Focus Marketing Events sends a lot of emails. It’s often the easiest way to communicate with others, representing an important balance between efficient interaction and a positive attitude. To achieve this, pay attention to the details contained in a message, as well as its tone.

While sometimes a simple “Okay” or “Got it” is more than sufficient, in many situations such brevity is not enough to fully convey your meaning. A quick response may leave a person confused as to your feeling about the email or not give them enough detail to proceed. Just as you would respond well to those who are positive in attitude and give clear instructions, others respond well to emails that convey tone and detail.

The tone of your email can convey excitement and confidence. When a friend asks if you’d like to get drinks, a simple, “Great!” or, “Would love to,” is just as brief but much more positive. Associates at Focus Marketing Events include positive words to give emails an upbeat feeling. This type of communication eliminates the ability to judge emotion through voice pitch and body language, so using enthusiastic language is necessary to replace that missing information.

Making sure your response has enough information to be useful is also important. Don’t make the other person come up with all the details. “Great, I get off at 6. Could we meet somewhere downtown?” is enough to help them start the planning process.

At Focus Marketing Events, we try to build positivity into our company culture. Upbeat communication is an important part of that function – and that includes email!