How Focus Marketing Events Makes Connections

How Focus Marketing Events Makes Connections

Networking is central to our success strategy at Focus Marketing Events. The abilities to meet people and establish bonds help us ensure success for the brands we represent. Naturally there are many factors that affect the start of a connection; however, there are some tips you can follow to help ensure your success when networking:


  • Be Approachable: The way you present yourself speaks a great deal to whether you are worth engaging. Avoid being engrossed in your phone or standing defensively. Doing so will deter people from approaching you.


  • Say Hello: Sometimes people aren’t sure how to get conversations started. At Focus Marketing Events, we have found that always acknowledging people who are standing nearby with a quick “Hello” is enough to get an interesting discussion going.


  • Assume Others Are Shy: Many people are shy in social settings such as networking events. Rather than assuming that other people don’t want to talk to you, consider that they may be timid. You may be surprised by how many opportunities this mental shift can create.


  • Find Common Ground: A slow-moving interaction can be difficult for everyone involved. Finding a common interest to chat about can be essential to initiating a conversation. It could be a mutual friend, location, experience, or perspective.


These tips for making connections when networking have helped us at Focus Marketing Events to enhance our outreach efforts.