Effective Practices for Earning Promotions

Effective Practices for Earning Promotions

If you want to earn a promotion, performing at a consistently high level is the best place to start. However, there are further actions you need to take if you expect to edge out the competition and secure an elevated role. Here are a few practices we apply to get closer to our ultimate Focus Marketing Events career goals.

Tracking our achievements is one essential element of our advancement strategy. We keep running logs of not only the successful projects we complete, but also the new skills we add to our arsenal. When it’s time to make a case for promotion, we’re well equipped to do so.

We represent Focus Marketing Events at as many industry events as possible to make ourselves more promotion-worthy. Doing so helps us add fresh insights as we listen to illuminating speeches from top leaders. We also get the chance to connect with influential people who can assist us on our way up the career ladder.

Attending events helps us build relationships with our colleagues and supervisors. It’s important to have as many people on your side as possible when you want to earn advancement. This is especially true for those who directly influence your chances of getting promoted. When we hit the road with teammates, we forge trustworthy connections that lead to positive outcomes.

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