Building a Stronger Team Through Travel

Building a Stronger Team Through Travel

The quarterly networking conference was recently held in Dallas, Texas, and a few select members of Team Focus Marketing Events were in attendance. It was a great opportunity for our people to pick up valuable insights and add to their contact lists at the same time.

Brian, our firm’s President, stated, “These quarterly conferences provide so much value for our team members. Aside from networking potential, they also offer hands-on training in a range of innovative techniques. It’s always a worthwhile investment for our company because our people come back to the Focus Marketing Events office freshly inspired to achieve big things.”

When it comes to maximizing the networking potential of an event like the Dallas conference, Brian has a few simple pieces of advice. He explained, “First of all, you have to pace yourself. I remind our team members not to set overly ambitious goals for connecting with people at big events. It’s best to make a handful of meaningful contacts than to talk for a minute or two with dozens of individuals.”

Our President also encourages us to ask lots of questions when we find someone we want to add to our networks. He stated, “Open-ended questions are the best ones, because they keep people talking about themselves. The more potential contacts discuss their unique interests, the better chance you have of locking in on some common ground.”

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