PRESS RELEASE: Reviewing an Amazing 2018 for Focus Marketing Events

PRESS RELEASE: Reviewing an Amazing 2018 for Focus Marketing Events

TAMPA, FL – Company leaders are looking back on a successful 2018 in order to set even more ambitious goals for 2019. Brian, President of Focus Marketing Events, discussed the process of finishing a year strong and starting the next one stronger.

Focus Marketing Events is evolving internally with a number of changes, Brian said. The firm’s leaders are shaking things up and the team is moving into the new year with a fresh outlook. The fourth quarter has been extremely successful as more leaders step up to the plate and run twice as many campaigns.

The entire team has been busy recapping a vibrant Focus Marketing Events 2018, with a plan to dominate the industry in 2019. The firm’s goal for the coming year is to promote three team members into new executive roles, putting the team in the perfect position to excel in new markets. Those who advance to these new roles will have the chance to branch out on their own in new divisions. “We have really homed in on our internal processes and our culture, and we’re set up better for the next year than we’ve ever been before,” Brian shared.

Focus Marketing Events End the Year Strong and Start the Next Year Stronger

There are several steps that Brian and other Focus Marketing Events leaders are taking to ensure that the lessons learned from 2018 are put to good use in 2019. First, everyone is scheduling one-on-one time with coaches and mentors so that individual performances can be reviewed, and helpful feedback can be sought out and implemented.

Then, it’s time for people to get honest about some performance metrics. For instance, a good question Brian likes people to ask themselves is this: which actions produced the best results for them? This takes advantage of the Pareto principle, which states that 80 percent of the results achieved come from 20 percent of the effort. Identifying the activities that had the greatest impact allows team members to work smart and hard in the coming year.

A related question Brian recommends is this: how satisfied is a person with her or his career direction? Q4 is the perfect time to reflect on what excites associates about upcoming plans, and focus their efforts on bringing their vision of the future to fruition.

Brian and everyone on Team Focus Marketing Events are hard at work learning from 2018, and developing ambitious objectives for 2019. With this kind of intentionality, the firm is sure to move through the fourth quarter and into Q1 with tremendous momentum.

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