How We Approach the Interview Process

How We Approach the Interview Process

In general, we favor entrepreneurial mind-sets when we evaluate potential additions to Team Focus Marketing Events. Those who are hungry for knowledge and want to someday lead their own teams fit right in with our focus on steady improvement. Brian, our company’s President, explained, “Having a strong résumé is important, but the personality is what can really get people the jobs they want. We want to find people who stand out from the crowd when we conduct interviews.”

To identify the best possible fits for our culture, we stay curious throughout every interview. We pose open-ended questions to learn as much as we can about a person’s experiences. Even if things are laid out on a résumé, we want to get to the heart of what motivates a potential hire to succeed. As they talk more about themselves, we identify traits that align with our company ethos.

We like to give candidates tours of the Focus Marketing Events office. Seeing prospective hires interact with our current team members tells us a lot about how they might fit into our supportive atmosphere. This is also a great chance for interviewees to ask questions about our processes and daily routines.

Opening up about our own professional journeys is another way we enable more revealing discussions with candidates. By describing the paths they’ve taken to get where they are, our hiring managers encourage jobseekers to feel more at ease talking about their own backgrounds.

These strategies help us home in on the best fits for our organization. Follow Focus Marketing Events on Twitter for more on how we approach the hiring process.