We Apply Sports Mentalities to Achieve Big Wins

We Apply Sports Mentalities to Achieve Big Wins

Around the Focus Marketing Events office, we’re big believers in the value of sports-minded approaches to business. In fact, we frequently play sports as a team to bolster morale. Brian, our firm’s President, explained that professionals can have all the resources, connections, and talent they need, but without the ability to play the long-term game, they will eventually fall behind the competition.

One thing we’ve learned through applying sports mentalities around Focus Marketing Events HQ is how important game planning is. We set clear, achievable goals and then formulate action steps to help us accomplish each of them.

Great athletes also use positive mental images to increase their chances of success. We do the same around our workspace, visualizing how good it will feel to reach the objectives we set for ourselves and our team. By rehearsing for these big moments mentally, we’re better equipped to pursue and attain them in the long run.

We also engage in positive self-talk as we set high benchmarks, celebrating each victory along the path to bigtime success. We’re devoted to uplifting language around our office, whether we’re tracking our own progress, homing in on team goals, or helping our colleagues reach their own.

These are just a few ways we translate the winning strategies of top-flight athletes around our workspace. Follow Focus Marketing Events on Twitter for more of our best long-term success tips.